12    Zai bint guanv (2) /在宾馆(二)
/In the Hotel (2)
133. Xz klivzd zhgllivd fagljant ma?

   May I do the turn-down service for you now?
  134. (Ni) Neg go 1 xsh lai ma?
能过一小时来吗/ Could you com back in one hour?
  135. (Uo) Neg huankd gk fagljant ma?
   能换个房间吗/ Can you change the room for me?
  136. (Uo) Huankd gk liagkx dian de.
   换个亮点的。/ Please get me a brighter one.
  137. Dsh haovxagkfd iu maolbigk.
   电视好像有毛病/ I'm afraid there's something wrong with the TV.

138. Shui logltoul zog ditdl shui.
   水龙头总滴水/ The water tap drips all the time.

  139. Uo mn mavshagkf pai rnl lai xiutd.
   我们马上派人来修。 /
We'll send someone to repair it immediately.
  140. Bintguanv li iu yllekd chaglsov ma?
Is there any place in the hotel where we can amuse ourselves?
  141. Its loul iu gk yllekd zhogtxint.
There is a recreation centre on the ground floor.
  142. Qgvd unkjd (Ni mn) iu iao xvd de itfulb ma?
   请问有要洗的衣服吗? / Excuse me. Have you any laundry?
  143. Zhe jank maol it iao iog lgvxd shui shouv xvd.
I'd like this sweater to be washed by hand in cold water.
  144. Shm shlhouk qyvd ne?
   什么时候取呢/ When can I have my laundry back?


 1, Janlxevmd/简写/Logogram
     xz=xankzaiksr/现在/now go=guokmxqd//
to spend; etc. dsh=diankshikq/电视/TV. zog=zogvfmxd//all the time; etc. shui=shuivwx//water; etc. pai=paikmdl/派/send; etc.
 2, go 1 xsh; iao xvd de——结构词组/Constructions Phrases
 3, 134,135,136
——省略句/ Elliptical Sentences