15    Goukd uk/购物(一)
Shopping (1)
169.   Huantigld gwtlinld.
May I help you?
  170.   Nin xagvzd maivd Shm?
   您想买什么? / Anything I can do for you?
  171.  Uo zhf xagvzd kan kan.
   我只想看看。/ I'm just looking.

  172.   Uo iao maivd jank cnkit.
I want to buy a shirt.
  173.  Nin iao shm ianlsek de?
   您要什么颜色的? /
What color do you want?

174Uo xagvzd iao lanlx sek de.
   我想要蓝色的/ I want a blue shirt.

  175.  (Ni) Kan kan Zhe xe Znm iagk?
Here. Loot at these.
  176.  (Uo) Klivzd shkd its xa ma?
   可以试一下吗? /
May I try it on?
  177.  Shkd it jant zai Neli?
The fitting room is right over there.
  178.  Zhe jank Znm iagk?
这件怎么样? / How's this one?
  179.  Uo chuantd taikf shoukx le.
   我穿太瘦了。/ It's too small for me.

  180.  (Tt) Hailf klivzd.
They're OK.

 1, Janlxevmd/简写/Logogram
     kan=kankzqd//look at;  etc. Znm iagk=zenvmet iagk/怎么样/
how;  etc. zhf=zhvtfl//noly;  etc.
 2, 175, 176, 180——省略句/ Elliptical Sentences