5    Xynlunkd (3)/询问(三)/Asking (3)
049. Nk zokml qaol iu do zchagvl?
   那座桥有多长?/ How long is the bridge?
  050. Uo kan (Tt) chakbukdotfx iu 100 mi zchagvl.
    我看差不多100米长。/ I'd say it's about hundred meters.
  051. Zhe tiaol jet iu do kuan?
   这条街有多宽?/ How wide is this street? Do you know?
  052. (Tt) Dakyetfx (shi10 mi kuan.
The street is about ten meters wide.

053. Zhe zokml tav iu do gao?
   这座塔有多高?/ What's the height of the pagoda?

  054. (Tt) Iu 20 do mi gao.
有20多米高。/ The pagoda is twenty meters and more high
  055. Zhe qagl iu do houkmx?
   这墙有多厚?/ What's the thickness of this wall?
  056. (Tt iu) 24 lils mi houkmx.
   24厘米厚。/ It's twenty-four centimeters thick.
  057. Zhe gk siagt zv iu do zchogkl?
   这个箱子有多重?/ How much does the box weight?
  058. (Tt) Zhgkhaovfx (shi) 50 gogt jntl.
   正好50公斤。/ The box is exactly fifty kilograms.
  059. Zhe siagt zv iu do dakfx?
   这箱子有多大?/ How big is the box?
  060. Zhe siagt zv zchagvl (shi) 80 lils mi, kuan (shi) 48 lils mi, gao (shi) 66 lils mi.
The box is eighty centimeters long, forty-eight centimeters wide and sixty- six centimeters tall.

 1, Janlxevmd/简写/Logogram
it;other; etc.  iu=iuvd//have; etc. do=dotfsxd//how many; more; etc. mi=mivml//
meter: etc. kan=kanktqzd//to evaluate; etc. zchag=zhagvmd, chaglmx//grow; older; chief; long; etc. kuan=kuantmx//wide gao=gaotmx//high; tall gk=gekl// singular quantifier, zhog=zhogkmxd//weight; etc.
 2, Shukcil/数词/The Numeral
     0=ligls/零 1=its/一  2=erks/二  3=sants/三  4=sks/四  5=uvs/五  6=liuks/六  7=qts/七  8=bats/八  9=jiuvs/九  10=shls/十  100=bails/百  1000=qants/千  10000=uanks/
 3, 20 do mi=erks shls do mi /二十多米(概数) /twenty meters and more (approximate number)
 4, (shi)/是(省略)/be(To omit)
 5, siagt——si=x
 6, xagt zv——组合词/
Combined Word
7, 050, 052, 054, 056,058, 060——省略句(括号内表示省略)/ Elliptical Sentences (Bracket indicates ellipsis).