5    Xynlunkd (3)/询问(三)/Asking (3)
049. Nk zokml qaol iu do zchagvl?
   那座桥有多长?/ How long is the bridge?
  050. Uo kan (Tt) chakbukdotfx iu 100 mi zchagvl.
    我看差不多100米长。/ I'd say it's about hundred meters.
  051. Zhe tiaol jet iu do kuan?
   这条街有多宽?/ How wide is this street? Do you know?
  052. (Tt) Dakyetfx (shi10 mi kuan.
The street is about ten meters wide.

053. Zhe zokml tav iu do gao?
   这座塔有多高?/ What's the height of the pagoda?

  054. (Tt) Iu 20 do mi gao.
有20多米高。/ The pagoda is twenty meters and more high
  055. Zhe qagl iu do houkmx?
   这墙有多厚?/ What's the thickness of this wall?
  056. (Tt iu) 24 lmi houkmx.
   24厘米厚。/ It's twenty-four centimeters thick.
  057. Zhe gk xiagt zv iu do zchogkl?
   这个箱子有多重?/ How much does the box weight?
  058. (Tt) Zhgkhaovfx (shi) 50 gogt jntl.
   正好50公斤。/ The box is exactly fifty kilograms.
  059. Zhe xiagt zv iu do dakfx?
   这箱子有多大?/ How big is the box?
  060. Zhe xiagt zv zchagvl (shi) 80 lmi, kuan (shi) 48 lmi, gao (shi) 66 lmi.
The box is eighty centimeters long, forty-eight centimeters wide and sixty- six centimeters tall.

 1, Janlxevmd/简写/Abbreviation
it; other; etc.  iu=iuvd//have; etc. do=dotfmsxd//how many; more; etc. mi=mivml//
meter: etc. lmi=lilmivl/厘米/
centimeter   kan=kanktqzd//to evaluate; etc. zchagvl=zhagvmd, chaglmx//grow; older; chief; long; etc. kuan=kuantmx//wide gao=gaotmx//high; tall gk=gkl// singular quantifier, zchogkl=zhogkmxd//weight; etc.
 2, Shukcil/数词/The Numeral
     0=ligls/零 1=itfs/一  2=erks/二  3=sants/三  4=sks/四  5=uvs/五  6=liuks/六  7=qts/七  8=bats/八  9=jiuvs/九  10=shls/十  100=bails/百  1000=qants/千  10000=uanks/
 3, 20 do mi=erks shls do mi /二十多米(概数) /twenty meters and more (approximate number)
 4, (shi)/是(省略)/be(To omit)
 5, xiagt zv——组合词/
Combined Word
6, 050, 052, 054, 056,058, 060——省略句(括号内表示省略)/ Elliptical Sentences (Bracket indicates omit).