9    Chgld gogtgogkx qkchet/乘公共汽车
Taking a Bus
097. Qgvd unkjd, (Uo) qy Tianttanl zai Nar chgld che?
Excuse me. Could you tell me where I can get the bus to The Temple of Heaven in Beijing?
  098. (Ni) Go jet, zai Nk gk che zhan shag che.
Take the bus at that stop across the street.
  099. Qgvd unkjd, (Uo) qy iuvikg shagtdiankb
  shi zai Zhr shag che ma?

Excuse me. Is this where I can catch the bus to the Friendship Store?
  100. (Ni) Chgld 10 luk che zai dikb 5 zhan xa.
Take a Number 10 bus and get off at the fifth stop.
  101. Qgvd unkjd, Zhe gk che dao Yanlmiglyanlc ma?
Excuse me. Does this bus go to the Winter palace?

102.(Zhe che) Klivzd, dann (Tt) bu neg zhldald, Ni deb zai dikb 3 gk zhan huankd chgld 4 luk che.
Yes, but it doesn't go there directly. You'll have to change to a No. 4 bus at the third stop.

  103. (Uo) Qy Ilhlyanlc zokcd Zhe gk che dui ma?
Am I right for the Summer Palace?
  104. Ni zokcd co che le.
   你坐错车了 /
You've got on the wrong bus.   
  105. Dui, (che) go le Zhe zhan hailiud 4 zhan.
Yes. It's four more stops after this.
  106. (che) Dao zhan qgvd (Ni) jaokjd Uo its shgt.
   Would you please let me know when we get to the stop.
  107. Uo hui bao zhan de.
I'll call out the stops.
  108. Gukgogtc kuaikfx dao le, qgvd xa che de zokd hao zhunvbeikmd.
We'll be at the Imperial Palace in a minute. Please get ready to get off the bus.

 1, Janlxevmd/简写/Logogram
    deb=delqzd//must;  etc. co=cokmxd//wrong; etc. go=gokmqxd//
go across; etc. hui= huikmzd/会/certainly; etc. bao= baokmd/报/to report; etc.
 2, 10 luk che/10/10 bus; 4 luk che/4路车/10 bus; huankd chgld/换乘/transfer——组合词/Combined Word
 3,  097,098,099,100,102,103,105,106,107——省略句/ Elliptical Sentences